Exam Prayer to St. Rita

St. Rita, Saint of the Impossible,
bring serenity to my mind and heart
while I take my exams.
Give me a quiet confidence
in my gifts and talents.
Remind me of my dignity
and preciousness
in a world where we compete in exams,
for jobs, for a place in life.

Anoint my memories with
the power of recall.
Keep me calm on the day of my exams.
May my results be for enrichment
of my life and the education of my heart.
We ask this prayer
through Christ our Lord
(Liam Ryan OSA)

Novena Prayer for the Sick to St. Rita

Love was your Strength and the great
impulse of your life.
Touch my life with healing and peace.
Enter into the pain of my life.
Be with me in sickness
and depression.
Bring serenity to my mind
and my memory.
Heal those whose spirit
has been broken.
Reconcile families who
are deeply divided.
Give us trusting hearts.
Hold us open to God’s plan of Love,
to His way and His time of
responding to my prayer.

St. Rita, help of the sick pray for us.
(Liam Ryan OSA)