When he was asked what was important, Jean Vanier, the founder of L’Arche responded;

“To live simply, to love deeply, to address conflict, to forgive, to celebrate and laugh together. Celebration is different from comedy, such as we see in films. Celebration is something that grows out of valuing our diversity, and it rises up readily in L’Arche. Our world needs to see people who are fundamentally happy and committed to peace and to justice. To see people living together in this way gives hope—it is a little sign that love is possible, that committed relationships are possible. L’Arche is called, as is each person, to move into the future with wisdom, holding onto what is precious in the past but not weighed down by it—open, living in the present in the world, not closed off. The force that comes from God helps us in this.” (Jean Vanier)

A Psalm for Advent and Christmas

We are travelers on the road to seek you today:
the stories of Christmas are stories of journeys.

Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem:
the holy family were pilgrims before Christ could come.
The shepherds decided to go and see: working people went to find where God was at work.

Wise men followed the pointing star:
kings from far away seeking truth from above.
Christ still comes to us where we are: but we also must seek him in response to his love,

our journey may begin at any time or place:
you will lead the way for us and you will sustain us. So help us travel our own road of faith: that we may see for ourselves, and believe in you Together: God of our journey
Open our eyes to see you on our path
Open our ears to hear your directions
Open our mouths to greet the places and people we will meet.
Just like Mary and Joseph, may our journey be one of hope;
Like the shepherds may it be one of welcoming;
Like the Magi, may it be one giving.