A Different Creed – from Belgium

 We believe in God.
Despite his silence and his mystery,

We believe that he is living.

Despite evil and suffering,
We believe that he made the world for happiness and for life.

Despite the limits of our reason and the resistance of our hearts
We believe that he is Father.

We believe in Jesus Christ.

Despite the centuries that separate us from him we believe in his Word.

Despite his weakness and his poverty,
we believe that his death is our life.

Despite our incomprehension and our refusal to believe
we believe in his resurrection.

We believe in the Holy Spirit.

Despite appearances, we believe that he guides the Church.

Despite the incredulity of the world,
we believe that he fosters through it the hunger for prayer, justice and love.

We also believe that God gives eternal life to all those who search for,
and believe in the name of, the Son of God.