On behalf of the Augustinian Community and the congregation gathered here in St. Augustine’s Church,
Limerick City, Ireland we extend a warm welcome to all those who are joining us for this celebration of
Mass, and other services. Through the gift of technology and the worldwide web, we invite you to become
part of our extended congregation. We send greetings to people of all religious traditions and none. We
come together out of our shared need for meaning, for peace, for healing, for a place of rest for our
restless hearts. We invite you to enter that place with us.
Flor O’Callaghan O.S.A.


Sunday 9.00 AM 11.15 AM 7.30 PM (19.30)    
Holy Days 7.30 AM 8.30 AM 10.15 AM 1 PM (13.00) 4 PM (16.00)
Weekdays 7.30 AM 8.30 AM 10.15 AM 4 PM (16.00)  
Saturday (Normal) 8.30 AM 10.15 AM 3 PM (15.00)   (Mass for Sick)  
Saturday (Holy Day) 8.15 AM 10.15 AM 1 PM (13.00) 3 PM (15.00) (Mass for Sick)

(Local Time Limerick City, Ireland)